Rachelle‎’s Transformation

Just WOW!! Rachelle crushed her first Body Challenge! You go girl!
She said:
“I made it!!! ‪#‎16weekchallenge‬ complete and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed! When My husband suggested we try this body transformation challenge, I was certainly not interested, and definitely not excited about it! But looking back it has been absolutely awesome, and I’ve tried them all, NONE OF THEM were enjoyable!
After having two kids (2 & 4yrs in sept) I had given up on ever getting my pre-baby body back, I know I’m not the only woman (or man ) who has felt like that, but in that space it certainly felt like I was backed into a corner and I had no way of getting out, so I relied on my one true friend who would always be there for me, ‪#‎wine‬! I’m from a tight family who always celebrates over food, food made me feel better and so food and wine were what I indulged in to make me happy. As my weight increased though, ‪#‎happy‬ is the LAST thing I felt! At the start of this challenge, 16 weeks ago, I am embarrassed and upset to realise I had gotten to a whopping 87kg! The lowest point would have to be standing in front of my husband while he took my “before photos”.
Well, I’ve gone from an unhappy and embarrassed sceptic, to a isabodychallenge finisher! I am proud to say that within this epic team, I have found some of the most enthusiastic supporters and cheerleaders that I am now stoked to call friends! You have all helped me to achieve something I NEVER thought was possible again. I had some ups and downs, and some along the way, this was a lifestyle change after all, not a diet!! ”