Shelby and Joel’s Sample Presentation Call

Go From Facebook Chat to a Presentation Call

Start by building rapport by talking about a solid fact you both believe is true.
Also, don’t forget to SMILE and COMPLIMENT them…

  • “Well, you know how hard it is to lose weight these days”
  • “Sheesh, these long days at work, just make me so tired when we get home, eh?”
  • “Well, you know how hard it is to find time to go to the gym and take care of yourself, eh?”
  • “Well, isn’t it crazy how you eat right for a week or two, then have a few cheat days and poof, all the weight loss is back on”

Another way to build rapport and to edify yourself is to ask them if it’s okay to tell your story, or to tell someone else’s success story.

  • “Would it be okay if I shared my story?”
  • “I got a good story. Takes about two minutes. Want to hear it?”

Talk about things you have in common, you could use the “Feel, Felt, Found” techniques.

  • “So, what you’re saying is, you feel bad when you look in the mirror, and uncomfortable with your body? I felt the same way for the longest time, but I found the results happened so quickly that I was amazed with my new body”
  • “I used to feel so tired in the mornings, I would crash in the afternoons, and be exhausted when I got home after work, just like you too, but I found after the first few days, my energy was through the roof all day, and i would wake up so fresh and felt alive and awake all the time”

Ask fact finding questions to get to their real “Why?”

  • “I’m just curious, what are your goals”
  • “I’m just curious, what have you tried before?”

What to say when they ask “How much does it cost?”

  • “I’m just curious, what are you paying for groceries per week right now? What about all the fast food lunches, snacks, coffees, red bulls, energy drinks, etc?”


Be in a rush and in a hurry

  • “Well, I got a gazillion things going on right now, but …”
  • “I’m running out the door, so now’s not a good time to get into this, but …”


Interested people will reach out to you through Facebook comments or Messenger and ‘more-or-less’ ask you for a presentation, then you should try to get them on a phone call, and try to triple confirm the time appointment to follow up, only after they commit to watching the video for more info …

  • “If I send you a link to a 3-minute video, would you watch and tell me what you liked best?”
  • “When will you have watched it?”
  • “When will you have watched it for sure, for sure?”
  • “If I send you the link now, you would have watched it by 7:00 pm tomorrow?”
  • “Would it be okay, if I called you to see what you liked best about the video?”

Send Your Facebook Friends a Message


Follow up with a quick chat to get them onto a three way chat, three way call, or your own presentation call

  • “I’m just curious what did you like best about the video?”
  • “Would it be ok if we added my cousin, who’s a retired nurse, to the chat to answer your questions?”

Then add your upline to the chat, then edify and introduce and get out of the way.

  • “Would it be okay, if we get on the phone now, it’s been a lot of typing…”

Your sponsor in the three way chat will lead to a three way call or get them onto a presentation call, to help them choose the best value package for their goals

or simply setup the next exposure and triple confirm the time for that exposure!

Add them to our groups

Tag and Welcome them into these groups, this will get them many more exposures before your next time-appointment