Professional Athletes Are Using Isagenix (Without Endorsement!)

Many people contact me about the athletes using Isagenix products. I’ve compiled a partial list of the athletes, both formerly and currently at the professional & Olympic level. Keep in mind that Isagenix does not pay these athletes to use the products.

NFL Players:
Willie Gault: Chicago Bears, Superbowl Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist
Brandon Jacobs: New York Giants, 2x Superbowl Champion
Ray Lewis: Baltimore Ravens, 2x Superbowl Champion
Emmitt Smith: Dallas Cowboys, 3x Superbowl Champion
Leonard Marshall: NY Giants, 2x Superbowl Champion
Corey Dillon: NE Patriots, Superbowl Champion
Joe Andruzzi: NE Patriots, 3x Superbowl Champion
Tracy Porter: Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Superbowl Champion
Clark Haggans: Pittsburgh Steelers, Superbowl Champion
Martin Rucker (Kansas City Chiefs, All-American)
T.J. Hill (Ottawa Redblacks – CFL)
LaMark Brown: Minnesota Vikings
JJ Birden: Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons
Linden King: San Diego Chargers, Los Angeles Raiders
Bryan Barker: St. Louis Rams, Green Bay Packers
Bert Emanuel: Atlanta Falcons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Roy Williams: Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys
Jimmy Hitchcock: NE Patriots
Tony Mandarich: Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts
Jamir Miller: Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns
Kahlil Hill: Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills

NBA Players:
A.C. Green: LA Lakers, 3x NBA Champion
Craig Ehlo: Cleveland Cavaliers
Hersey Hawkins: Seattle Sonics
Jim Petersen: Golden State Warriors
Dan Majerle: Phoenix Suns, 3x NBA All-Star

Other Professional/Olympic Athletes:
Sidney Crosby (NHL)
Rickie Fowler (PGA Tour)
Andrew Yun ( Tour)
Bhavik Patel ( Tour)
James White, Jr. ( Tour)
Stipe Miocic (UFC)
Mark Inge (MMA Pro)
Riury Gracie (of Gracie family, Founders of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)
Matt Dunning (Qantas Wallabies – Professional Australian Rugby)
Karim Rasool (Powerlifting), 2011 USPA Deadlift Champion
Billy Dib (Boxing), 2011 IBF Featherweight World Champion
Dottie Lessard Brownsberger, Olympic Gold Medalist
Rolf Wilson, Alpine Ski Jumping
Natalie Cook, Olympic Gold Medalist
Neil Berry (L. Distance Running)
Michelle Despain Hoeger (Luge), Olympian
Jana Pittman, Olympian
Whitney Pavlik (Pro Beach Volleyball, AVP)
Patricia Guerra (Professional Swimming)

MLB Players:
Jeremy Affeldt (MLB – 2014 World Series Champion – San Francisco Giants)
Jerry Hairston, Jr. (MLB), LA Dodgers
John Darjean (MLB), New York Yankees

Fitness Competitors/ Bodybuilders/ Trainers:
Lori Harder (2010 Ms. Bikini America, 2010 Ms. Figure America & 2010 Ms. Bikini Universe)
Angelike Norrie (’07 Florida XMA Champion & World Silver Medalist, ’08 Ms. Bikini America)
Dave Parise (CPT, MES, FPTA) (Top 100 Trainers in U.S.)
Aaron Williamson (NESTA CPT, AFPA CSNC & AFPA Strength & Conditioning Specialist)
Michael Parker (WBFF Pro)
Valerie Pawlowski (Pro Kettlebell Sport Competitor, CMS)
Shane Freels (2013 Texas Naturals Champion)
Michelle Crawford (CrossFit)
David Gilks
Jeff Boris
Paul Anthony, 2002 World Natural Bodybuilding Champion
Erin Milito
Lisa Lewis